Sep 10, 2011

Peterpaul Kloosterman, 2PK
Subject: Re: Modular type workshop
Date: 14 maart 2005 13:29:16 GMT+01:00

• Is making a modular typeface easy or hard?
Yes, comparing to non-modular typefaces. If you have the correct modules you can easily make characterforms. And you can forget the optical adjustments which you will have to carry out normally. That saves a lot of time!

• Have you ever designed a typeface you consider to be modular?
Yes, for practical reasons I made a simple and modular typeface: Perm (see first picture down here: lp-perm.gif). For carving letters into stone I made stencils of modules (see second picture down here: sjabloon.jpg). So you can easily draw the outlines of Perm on the stone (see third picture down here: letterscursiefproeven.jpg).

• Modular typefaces seem to be something designers keep rediscovering. Why is that?
People love to rediscover old practises and re-use them. And it can be very useful to solve practical problems.

• What do you think the first modular typeface is?
Surely it must be a long time ago...

Succes en groet!