Nov 23, 2008

Exclamation first pulsar

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures
Unknown Pleasures,
Joy Divisions's first LP, has one of the most iconic album covers of the post-Punk era, with the spaial dynamics, otherworldliness and vulnerability complementing the music perflectly. As with Fac 5, the band supplied Peter Saville with an image: in this case a diagrammatic representation of the first pulsar discovered, CP 1919, wich became the focus of the sleeve. Sourced form page 111 of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy, it represents the radio waves emitted from a collapsed star. Saville shows an acute sensibility to form throught his handling of the image - the diagram is not overstated, but instead floats in deep space, with all typographic information put on the back cover. Long-playing releases were designated by the prefix 'Fact' within the catalogue.
Factory Records, The Complete Graphic Album, 2008